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Would you like to make you own carbon neutral cooking gas?

Biogas (methane) is an environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral fuel that you can make with an old IBC tank, a few plumbing fittings, some cow manure, and the food waste from your kitchen (veg peelings etc.). It's biological alchemy and anyone can do it. You could probably do it without this video if you're practical enough, but if you're not, this video is a detailed and comprehensive guide to building and using your own biogas system.

We tried to keep it short, but Matthew won't shut up when he starts talking about biodigesters so it's nearly 40 minutes long (to be fair, there's a lot to talk about).

It's a bit amateur (there are no star wipes ☹️) but it's only £5 and if you do it you'll have a free source of fuel forever!

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